A Strategic Port to Serve Panama and the World

Puerto Baru Site Plan

Site Plan Photo

Port Specifications

  • Berth: 850 Meters
  • Depth: Maximum 11 Meters
  • Total Development Area: 124 Hectares
  • Customs: 24/7
  • Green Energy: Yes
  • Channel Design: Complete

Warehouse and Logistics Park

  • Developing best-in-class warehouse facilities to serve general cargo, manufacturing, and cold storage clients.
  • 24/7 Security
  • 7 km (4.3 mi) to the Pan American Highway
  • Cold Container Services
  • The Puerto Barú Free Trade Zone will allow tenants to save money by avoiding many tax obligations in Panama related to their business operations, promoting economic development and employment opportunities.
  • Fully gated with 24/7 security and 24/7 custom services available to tenants of Puerto Barú.


  • World class location for mini-cruises and mega-yachts.
  • Over 30,000 expected foreign annual visitors into the Western Panama region from existing pleasure vessel traffic.
  • Incentives for local and regional tourism.
  • Close proximity to key destination spots less than an hour away, such as Fortuna National Reserve, Coiba Island, Boquete, Boca Chica, and the City of David.
  • Hotel development and recreational areas such as a main boardwalk, restaurants, shops, and tour-operators.

Permitted Activities

  • Importation
  • Exportation
  • Re-Exportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales, Commercialization, and Distribution
  • Refinement and Processing of Goods
  • Operations, Transaction, Negotiations, and Incidental Activities appropriate to the establishment and development of a Free Trade Zone
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Tax Incentives

  • 0% on income from operations abroad.
  • 0% on products imported for re-exportation.
  • Highly competitive costs.


  • Helicopter transportation
  • Warehousing and cold storage
  • Container Storage
  • Perishables
  • Break bulk Services (Project cargo, machinery, and other individually lifted goods)
  • Bulk Services (Grain, fertilizer, and other unpacked goods)
  • Ship Side Services (Power, water, sewage disposal, fuel)
Puerto Baru in David encompasses services that provide our clients with competitive options and the flexibility needed to prosper from a strategic location.