Alberto Alemán Zubieta


Alberto Alemán Zubieta is the former CEO of the Panama Canal Authority, the autonomous agency that manages the Panama Canal, the leading interoceanic waterway that serves world maritime commerce.

Alberto Alemán Zubieta began his professional career in the construction field. For many years, he served as CEO of one of the largest construction companies in the Republic of Panama. From 1996 to 1999, he served as Administrator of the former Panama Canal Commission, the United States Government federal agency which was responsible, until December 31, 1999, for the administration and operation of the Panama Canal.

In 1998, two years into his appointment as head of the Panama Canal Commission, he was appointed Administrator of the Panama Canal Authority, the Panamanian entity tasked with the administration of the waterway upon its transfer to the Republic of Panama, on December 31st, 1999. During the following two years, he served simultaneously as Administrator for both the Panama Canal Commission and the Panama Canal Authority.